As written by Jill Kerby and Karl Deeter, as sponsored by Irish Life, as heard on ‘Drivetime‘ on RTE1, as designed by FUSE… it’s the TALKING MONEY GUIDE, an easy to digest personal finance guide now free to download at www.irishlife.ie/financial-advice/guides/talking-money-guide

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The brand identity and brand guidelines we designed for RE:VERB were taken for their first spin recently in Belo Horizonte in Brazil! RE:VERB is an on-going international coffee forum staged at various coffee events throughout the world.

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We like the smell, the taste and coffee people aren’t too bad either. Here’s some branding we designed for Brew Bar at the World of Coffee event in Gothenburg in Sweden recently.

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We Love Design…

We love design because we have no choice. We tried building, DIY and low level auto mechanics, but that didn’t work out too well. Our sporting efforts never caught the eye of the big boys and, while we enjoyed the dancing we could never make a living out of it. So we’re sticking to what we love and what we’re good at – design!

We love the creative process and the implementation of that process on behalf of our clients in a way that works happily for both of us. We love to interpret and realize our client’s vision and to communicate their message simply, successfully and in a way that exceeds their expectations. Then we go home and watch programmes about design.

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